Tuesday, March 20, 2007

“Why Men Lie?”

“Why Men Lie?”
A short story by Jesse Lee Jankins (Tyler’s brother)

About The Author: Jesse lives by a simple motto: “Consider me an asshole over a fool any day.” One of Jesse’s major pet peeves is the emasculation of the black male, a social trend he calls The Black Male Exploitations Era 1990 to 2007 as compared to the Black Film (“Blaxploitation”) Exploitations of the 1970s. Blaxploitation refers to films made with little or no attention to quality or artistic merit, but with an eye to a quick profit, sales and promotion techniques emphasizing some sensational aspect of the product and often excessive sex, violence, and gore.

The Top Lies That Men Tell

1. Lying about being married or in a dating relationship
2. Lying about their financial status
3. Lying about their commitment to be somewhere, then show up late or not at all
4. Lying about having children
5. Lying about sexual partners.
6. Lying about working late and where they have been

Typically, I would not write about such a topic; however, many of my female friends/little sisters have been asking the same question lately - “Why did he lie to me?” I tend to keep a close eye on social trends and typically write on topics that glorify my brothers. In this world it seems that someone is hating on a Brother in some form or fashion at every turn.

However, my brothers, this time I write for the ladies. It’s time we stop lying so damn much to the ones who love us the most and deserve it the least. This world can be unjust and cruel to us, so why make matters worse by lying to the sisters who are fighting side-by-side with us in our battle to be simply recognized as a Man.

I know what you guys are already thinking. “Some of these chicks are so scandalous. I only lie to protect myself from their trifling ways.”

True, there are many sisters out there whose main objective in life is to study rules so that they can be better at breaking them. However, it is not good to generalize. There are many ladies out there simply trying their best to love us and become the mothers of our children. I consider many of these ladies my “little sisters”. I protect, provide, and guard them mentally, physically and spiritually as if they were my sisters from birth.

Brothers, I can name ten little sisters that do not deserve to be lied to and I know you can do the same. We can’t generalize little sisters in the same manner we do with scandalous ones. If you do, you will find yourself in a cyclic existence of hurt and deception. The cycle works like this…you love hard and then the trifling sister takes you for granted and mistreats you. After that relationship is over, you meet a Lil’ Sis and mistreat and lie to her because you now believe that sisters can’t be trusted. You feel that the only way to love them is to lie to them. Then after this relationship is over, the Lil’ Sis converts to being a trifling sister, marching to the drum beat that brothers can’t be trusted. When she meets a good brother, like you, she takes you for granted and mistreats you. See the cycle....Stop the cycle...Be the change that you want to see in the world.

I know what you guys are already thinking. “Some of these chicks say they want the truth but they can’t handle the truth. Whenever I give them the truth, it turns into endless drama that never seems to go away. Therefore, I lie to keep the peace because many of these chicks would more readily believe a lie than the truth.”

True, but two wrongs don’t make a right. It is true that many people ask for the truth time and time again, only to prove, time and time again, that they are more attracted to a lie than the truth.

So now you guys are thinking, “If people would rather believe a lie than the truth we may as well do as P Diddy would do…you got to give the lady what she wants and on many occasions, that’s a lie.”

All this is true, however, none of the lies mentioned thus far are the lies that I am talking about. Brothers, I am talking about the type of lies that my cousin, Catfish Johnson tells. You know the cousin I am always talking about - the true ladies’ man with mistresses back in Dallas and two girlfriends in every other state. Admirers call him Fish. Back home in Dallas, TX they call him and his women “Catfish Johnson and The Scrimp”. Yes I said scrimp. Scrimp is the name that the people back home call his mistresses. Funny thing is many of these women consider being a Scrimp a good thing. They all seem to be attracted to the power and attention they get from other people.

For those of you who don’t know my cousin, Catfish is a small town hero. He is the perfect man most ladies fantasize about falling in love with. He has a great relationship with his mother. He’s an intelligent man, a protector, and a provider. In short, he’s every woman’s dream. Yes, Fish looks and acts just like we do. Catfish is married to a lovely wife and has two adorable toddlers. Damn, that Fish can make some beautiful babies. Brothers we have to stop telling the lies that Fish tells.

I know what you are thinking, “If Fish is so successful at telling lies and he has the life that any man would love to have, shouldn’t we simply lie like Fish?”

Damn, that’s a tough one…but the answer is no. Eventually, Fish stopped being a player and changed his name to Sweet Chocolate Brown. He wrote a book about his life as Catfish Johnson and The Scrimp. Let’s read it and see what we discover.

The Lies to Successfully Manage Your Woman
By Catfish Johnson and The Scrimp

Chapter 1: Lying about being married or in a dating relationship
Chapter2: Lying about financial status
Chapter 3: Show up late or not at all, lying about your commitments
Chapter 4: Lying about having children
Chapter 5: Lying to your sexual partners
Chapter 6 Working late & where have been lying about your GPS location
Chapter 7: Conclusion and lesson Learned

To Be Continued....